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Hair Extensions - An Easy Way to Add Style to Your Hair!


Hair extension is a technique that can help you in extending the length of your hair, increasing the volume of your hair or simply changing your hair style. There are many different types of Hair Extensions on the market. They are Wefts, Clip on Hair, Bonding Hair (Prebonded Hair Extension), Easy Ring Hair (Loop Hair), Skin Weft Hair Extension, Hair Braiding, etc. We are professional manufacturer of all the above types of hair extensions.


Prebonded Hair Extensions


There are different types of Keratin Tips, I shape, U shape, V shape, Flat shape,etc. Most offtenly used are Stick Hair( I-Tip ) and Nail Hair (U-Tip).


We use 100% Remy Human Hair for the Miciro Ring Hair. All colors and hair lengths are available. The weight of each strand can be 0.5grm, 0.6grm, 0.7grm, 0.8grm, 0.9grm, 1.0 grm or whatever length as you like.




I-tip Hair Extensions


V-tip Hair Extensions  

U-tip Hair Extensions



Clip In Hair Extensions


Tape Hair Extensions  
Hair Weft  
Hair Bulk  
Micro Ring Hair extensions  
Feather Extensions  
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#613 Flat-tip hair

#60 Flat-tip hair
#6 Flat-tip hair
#8/30 Flat-tip hair